The Bagpipe appears as the item of focus in the tenth episode of Super Wings Bubble Trouble. It is a special bagpipe that not only plays as a common bagpipe, but blows bubbles, too, at the same time. Callum, a little boy who lives in Scotland, requests it believing that by playing it he will succed in making Nessie come out of the water of the lake where she lives, situated near his house, so he can meet her. If enough air is blown into it, it is capable of producing a very big bubble that can even lift the player as it floats in the air. Such events will happen in the episode and will be the cause of the bagpipe to fall into the lake. In order to retrieve it, Jimbo will send Mira as she can go underwater. The bagpipe will eventually be found and returned to its little owner with an additional help by Nessie herself and will still correctly function.


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