Big Wing
Personal Things
Name Big Wing
Gender male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Biological Information
Color Blue, white and dark yellow/orange
Eye Color ambra
Hair Color Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
Voice Actors
Season 1 Unknown
Season 2 Unknown

Big Wing, like his name suggests, is a very big passenger airplane, probably a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, that appears in a fair number of episodes throughout the series, making small cameos at the start of them, frequently seen standing still or taking off in opening scenes when the whole airport appears. It makes this type of appearance in the first episode "Shadow Play". In the thirty-seventh episode of the series he and Jimbo go to Peru to help three children fullfill their dream of flying, as he is the only plane capable of transporting passagers, and so he is for the first time the character helping Jett in an episode.

Physical appearance

Big Wing is a huge blue plane with a white belly and wings, separated by his blue part by a dark yellow stripe. He has a similar stripe, but wavy, on his tail. He has a pacific expression and fair small ambra eyes, at least if compared to his size. Under each of his wings are two blue motors and on each of them are six lights of the same colour of the stripe, two near his body and one near the edge. On each of his sides he has the airport simbol painted in the same colour of the stripe, twenty-one windows in two horizontal rows and two passenger doors from which a stair descends to allow passenger to climb in and get off, like seen in the episode "Flight Fans", which is also the first episode in which Big Wing stars as a co-protagonist.

Personal traits

Big Wing is very strong, like seen at the start of "Flight Fans", where he plays tug of war alone against Donnie, Dizzy and Jett and wins with very little effort. Sometimes he is not aware of his strength, like at the start of "Aussie Animals", when trying to play jump rope he accidentally bump into Jett, Dizzy and Bello, causing them to fall. One of his weaknesses is that apparently he his scared of little animals like when he is so scared of Jimbo's hamster that he hastily asks Jimbo for permission to take off.

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