Grand Albert
Personal Things
Name Grand Albert
Gender Male
Nickname(s) None
Biological Information
Color Orange and White
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Unknown
First Appearance Mongolian Stars
Last Appearance Zebra Scouts
Voice Actors
Season 1 Unknown
Season 2 Unknown

"I'm here, I'm wise and ready to advise!"

Grand Albert is a character from the cartoon series "Super Wings"; like many of the show's characters is a sentient vehicle, namely an old orange and white biplane sporting a big pair of white mustache. Thanks to the many experiences he had in his life he is capable of resolving many problems with just a suitcase full of objects and stuff he collected during his long and adventurous exsistence, which he calls "my trunk of times past" and his precious and wise advices. It appered so far mainly in four episodes (listed below) from which we know that among his many activities he was a cowboy, a canadian mountie, a Zebra Scout in Zimbabwe and he has taken many pictures of birds like parrots in Peru and ducks in Denmark. He made cameos and small appearances in other episodes as well. He is voiced by Bill Raymond.


Mongolian Stars

This is the first episode in which Grand Albert appears as a protagonist, and it is the seventh episode in the series overall. Grand Albert appears near the start of the episode interfering during a race between Jett and Jerome, proving his competitive nature despite being old. He later re-appears in the episode as Jimbo send him to Mongolia to help Jett and Numbayar regroup her father's sheeps to retrieve the stars she previously received from Jett to decorate her hut. He manages to accomplish this simply by putting a cowboy hat on his head and using a lazo, meanwhile giving orders to Jett and Numbayar to surround the sheeps and force them to enter a hut, where the stars are easily taken by Jett and Numbayar.

Cold Feet

This is the second episode in which Grand Albert appears as a protagonist and it is the twelfth episode in the series overall. He appears at the start of the episode when he helps Roy to believe in himself by telling him to say loud "I can do it!", as Roy was too scared to move because he was carrying a very precious piano and he feared he could easily damage it. Later in the episode he is sent by Jimbo in Vancouver, Canada to help Drew, a child who is a very valuable ice hockey player that gets so nervous if being watched by the public that he becomes clumsy and unable to score a single point. Grand Albert at first tries to help him by putting his mountie hat on his own head and telling him to believe in himself, just like he did with roy before. As this fails, he decided to use something more powerful and proceed to detach his mountie badge from the hat, claiming that it is lucky. Drew then manages to score a point though being surrounded by four opponents, winning the match. The child is very thankful towards Grand Albert but the wise plane reveals him that the badge was not lucky at all and he won because he is a very skilled player and nothing else, he just needed to believe in his capabilities. This episode is a good example of the fact that Grand Albert helps the children mainly with his wise tips and charisma than sofisticated technological tools like other Super Wings.

Feathered Friends

This is the third episode in which Grand Albert appears as a protagonist and the twenty-first in the series overall. He appears at the start of the episode when Donnie's stickers, which he let go by mistake, fly on his eyes making him crash on a pile of boxes. He however come out of this entirely unscathed and even praising the stickers, once again proving his toughness and great vitality in contrast to his age. He reappear later in the episode as Jimbo send him in Papa New Guinea to help Jett and Sam take some pictures of birds of paradise that keep their distance from humans. He manages to accomplish this by making Jett wearing a bird costume and dancing like a bird-of-paradise to pretend he also is. As he is followed by the birds dancing with him, he gets near Sam so he can take many pictures of the feathered animals and make his little sister Angie happy.

Zebra Scouts

This is the fourth episode in which Grand Albert appears as a protagonist and the twenty-eighth overall. He appears at the start of the episode when he helps roy getting over bubbles leaked from the broken airplane wash by hanging the hose from the airplane wash to a wire over the bubbles and hooking Roy to it, thus making a zip-line that allow to safely reach the other side. He later reappear in the episode when Jimbo send him in Zimbabwe to help Zebra Scout Tendai, Munaki e Ruva retrieve a zebra-striped box containing two of three special items necessary to earn a scout badge, which has been dropped into a stone in a river by accident by Tendai. As Grand Albert arrives he immediately wears a hat similar to those of the three children, revealing that he also was a Zebra Scout back in the days. He then take a raft from his trunk to navigate the river and catch the box, but he, Jett and the children are forced to stop after having spotted a whirpool in the river, so he again construct a zip-line onto which he hook the raft, which he manages to lift even with Jett and the three little scouts on board, proving great strength. Traveling on the zip-line they arrive near the stones, actually hippopotamuses which happen to be Tendai's friends that are happy to give her the box and the third item needed by them to eventually earn the badge.




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