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The Lion Dance is a episode from SUPER WINGS, it's says Jett has delivered a package to Li Li and Xiao Ming for their Lion Dance in Taiwan.

But Xiao Ming and Li Li can't participate to the Lion Dance practice and the costume had split in half, Jett called Jimbo needs SUPER WINGS to help them, Jerome and Donnie (Jerome needs to go due to he stuck with Donnie with a rope) come to Taiwan, Donnie used Super Sewing Machine to help repair, and Jerome taught them to participate by using something that let their leg in one place, now when one of them moves, then the other has to move the same way, however, they actually did it, after the practice, then went to the mart of Li Li and Xiao Ming are ready to perform, Jett, Donnie, and Jerome ready for the beginning of the introducing, after the introducing, Li Li and Xiao Ming used their Lion Costume and the skills of Jerome taught, to dance, after that they thanks to them of they had done to them

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