Nessie is a creature who lives in a lake near Callum's house. She appears in the episode Bubble Trouble. She is a huge acquatic animal with two big fins on her sides and a big tail with a big fin on it as well. Her skin is blue with a blue stripe going from the top of her head to her tail darker than the rest of her body, with yellow spots on it. Her belly is white. She has a long neck with a big head with big light blue eyes and membraneous ears that resembles fins she has small yellow spots and bigger light blue spots on her snout. She is so big that even little movements of her causes big splashes and movements of the water around her. Despite her intimidating appearance she is very kind as seen when she frees Mira from weeds or when she makes water spouts to present a spectacle to Callum, Mira and Jett.


The pictures are all taken from the episode "Bubble Trouble".

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