Nambayar is a little girl form Mongolia who appears in the episode Mongolian Stars of the TV show Superwings. In the episode she orders glow-in-the-dark stars to decorate her new house, a ger.

Physical appearance

Numbayar has dark hairs tied in two ponytails by laces with two dark pink pearls on each one and dark almond-shaped eyes. She wears a little coat of the same colour of the laces with white buttons and orange lapels, blue trousers with green lapels with big yellow, blue and red pois on them and little shoes of the same colour of her coat. She can ride horses, like many kids in Mongolia can, like she says.

Synopsis involving Numbayar

Jett delivers a package containing glow-in-the-dark stars to numbayar, as stated above, she needs them to decorate her new ger her father is building because being her family nomad she liked so much seeing stars when she used to sleep outside during her travel, that now she wants to see them even when she is inside. While her father finish building the ger, she takes Jett to meet her friends, including her horse T'muar, the cashmire goats Soaky, whitey and Spot and all the sheeps, to most of which she haven't given a name, yet, except for a lamb named Poppy which likes to jump in her arms, but in doing so he causes Numbayar to toss the box containing the stars, that land on the sheeps. She and Jett try to round up them but since they are not fast enough and not enough to make it, Jett calls Jimbo asking for help and Grand Albert promptly arrives. He takes his cowboy hat and rope off his trunk of times past and rounds up the sheeps in a circle by flying around them, then he tells Jett and Numbayar to block the sheeps from the other sides and together they make them go near the ger, where Numbayar quickly dismounts and opens the door, so they can enter it. Lastly, Poppy arrives at the ger, too, clumsly moving under the empty packaging but as soon as Numbayar lift it he jumps her arms and the four follow the sheeps in the ger. Once inside Grand Albert tells Jett to close the ger's door so the stars are way more visible and Jett and Numbayar can easily take them and place them on the ceiling to decorate it just as Numbayar wanted. Having finished the job the two planes say good-bye to Numbayar, Poppy and her father and take off together.

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