The Amazing Moritz
Moritz on stage with Jett and Dizzy.jpg
Title The Amazing Moritz
Item Magician's Hat
Featured Characters Jett
Place Vienna, Austria
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Episode 31 Episode 33

The Amazing Moritz is the thirty-second episode of the series Super Wings. Its plot revolves around a young boy named Moritz who lives in Vienna and requested a Magician's hat to help him perform his first magic show. But, because of his frisky rabbit Marcel, things get a little crazy and the Super Wings are needed to restore order.


Dizzy is doing a magic trick in front of Roy and Jett, in which she claims she will raise up in the air. Roy watches amazed while Dizzy ascends and remains suspended airborne but Jett argues that it is no magic trick because she is a helicopter and eventually Roy also agree that flying is normal for her. As Dizzy lands and admits that Roy and Jett got her, Jett performs a magic trick of his own, inviting his two friends to watch him disappear. Like Dizzy, however, he too, is not doing a magic trick, but actually going around Roy and Dizzy at a speed so high that he is barely visible. Once back at Roy's side, he says that what he has done it is called magic by someone, but he calls it Jett-Speed. While Roy, Jett and Dizzy are laughing together, Jimbo's voice calling Jett to the control room resonates, so he leaves under Roy's and Dizzy's astonished eyes.

Once arrived at the control room, Jimbo informs Jett that he has to deliver a package to a child named Moritz who resides in Vienna, the biggest city in Austria, a country of Europe. As Jett is about to leave Jimbo tells him that, since they speak German there, a good word to know is "Wunderbar", the German word for "wonderful". As he is leaving, Jett says to Jimbo that he is sure he is going to have a "Wunderbar" time.

Meanwhile, Moritz at his house is practicing prestidigitation in front of his father, but he is a little bothered by his rabbit Marcel being a bit mischievous, so he very mildly scolds him and tells him he hopes he will behave himself at the actual show, implying that he intends to perform a magic show later. Jett arrives in Vienna and lands at Moritz's house. Moritz is very surprised to see him for the first time and invites him in his house, where he introduces his father to him. Moritz opens his package and takes out a Magician's hat which will serve as a piece of his Magician's outfit for his show. Since he does not have an assistant, Moritz asks Jett if he would like to be it, and he enthusiastically agrees. Moritz greets his father and leaves with Jett to the theatre where he will perform. 

At the theatre, Jett notices a rope as it is being pulled by Marcel and asks Moritz what it is for, so he explains him that the rope, if pulled, opens a door in the floor which leads to the stage, and it will be used for his final number in which he will pull his rabbit Marcel out of his hat. As soon as the show begins, Marcel starts acting mischievous, jumping while still in Moritz's hat from his head and interfering in a trick by appearing unplanned between the flowers in a vase, so Jett decides to lock him up in his cage. This backfires as Marcel escapes Jett's grasp while he is trying to put him inside the cage and ends up on a piano. Jett, trying to catch Marcel, accidentally bumps on the piano pushing it and sending him moving on a slope, resulting in the piano speeding out of the theatre with Marcel on it. After having told Moritz about what has happened, Jett promptly exits the theatre and gives chase to the piano but he, too, ends up on it. The piano keeps on speeding and along the way Jett unwillingly collects a lot of things, like a dog, a fish in a bowl, clothes and a violin, a cello and a saxophone from street musicians. Unable to stop the piano by himself, Jett resorts to calling an astonished Jimbo for help.

Shortly after, Dizzy arrives in Jett's aid and tosses her rescue cushion catcher in front of a railing on the river Danube, which the piano is about to crash into. Jett and the piano bounce on Dizzy's cushion, reverse direction and speed towards the theatre. As Dizzy tries to stop the runaway piano with her rescue ropes, however, the speed of the piano is so much that she becomes pulled by it. Eventually, Jett and everything else that was on the piano end up on the secret door and then fall into the secret passage, because of Marcel jumping on the rope and pulling it. Shortly after this, Dizzy falls into the secret passage as well. Meanwhile Moritz is introducing to the public his final trick and proceeds to put his hand in his hat, hoping that Jett has succeeded to find his rabbit but instead pulls out of his hat the piano, Jett, Dizzy, Marcel and everything previously ended up on the piano during his run through Vienna. Moritz then performs one last trick where he makes doves appear from under a handkerchief, and these fly towards the public, while Dizzy plays the piano with Marcel sitting on it, the dog plays the violin, the fish plays the saxophone and Jett plays the cello.

After the show is finished, Moritz's father congratulates his son who says that he never could have done it without Jett, Dizzy and, since he demands his attention, Marcel, too. Jett and Dizzy then take off while Moritz, his father and Marcel wave to them.


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