The wildebeests are a species of animals that live in Kenya and are very fast runners. They make an appearance in the episode "Race Against Time", in which a herd of wildebeests interrupts Lorna's racing by suddenly crossing her path. The wildebeests then run away unaware of leaving a calf of them behind and do not pay attention to Jett's warning about turning back to retrieve the missing baby. It will be necessary the intervention of Bello who, being able to speak to them, suggests them a game of "red light, green light" to make them turn back and eventually reunite with their calf. Lorna has taken care of the baby all the time even if that could have cost her winning the race and qualifing to the big race.


These animals, despite being called "Wildebeests" in the episode, are actually antelopes. Here's a picture of a wildebeest from Wikipedia supporting this statement [1].


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